Dance is a form of art which is difficult to define but can be best described as an art wherein the body moves rhythmically to the beats of music using certain forms of improvised steps, movements or gestures. A dance performance is any such sequence of prescribed steps and movements that is performed to the music at an event.

Interestingly apart from humans various animals also use dancing as a form of communication, though non verbal, like the bees dance. And it is also seen as a behaviour pattern in animals used for mating, like the mating dance of the peacock.

The many different types of dance forms

Dancing is a form of expression and can be categorised and analysed in various forms or dance types depending on the choreography, its place of origin, or according to the movements. There are innumerable dance forms from all around the world and each geographical region has a dance form unique to its culture and its people. And each such dance form has a story or history behind it which may not be described in a few words or sentences but nonetheless the history behind each dance form is interesting to know and learn about.

You are free to choose the types of dance you want

Some dance forms can be solo, some are a couple dance forms and some are performed in a group. Some could be social dances while some could be competitive dance forms. You can choose the form of dance as you want.

The origin of dance is still not known clearly

The history of dance as a form or its origin is very difficult to find out because dance does not have any fossil like preserved physical artifacts that help incur its origins. Unlike hunting implements, cave paintings and stone tools dance has no physically lasting effect to preserve and see. Thus due to this reason it is not possible to determine an exact precise time in human culture when dance was practiced and became a part of the human culture.

However, when pursuing different types of dances at classes of dance, the dance teachers can help to familiarise students with the history of that particular dance form. For example, while learning Indian classical dance teachers mention there being documentation of dance during Mughal era or dance form being practised by mythological characters. Similarly there is documentation of dance being practiced in European countries as early as 18th century such as ballet or court dancing too.

A good place to start learning about history of dances is to enroll in classes of dance for particular dances and learn its history while learning the dance form.




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