Beach houses have their own charm and personality and have to be decorated as such. You have to use decorating tactics that you might not necessarily use. While you typically have a lot more license to creativity with a beach home, there are still some rules you simply have to follow. From colours to furniture, these homes have special requirements to truly add to the ambience of living so close to the ocean. You have to utilize the natural opportunities that are provided to you by your surroundings. Here are some tips for decorating your beach house:


When it comes to the walls of a beach home, the best thing you can do is to keep the colour light and bright. Many people choose light shades of blue to paint their walls in. This can add to a distinctly nautical look and is a great theme to have around your home. You can also opt for a more turquoise hue to reflect the colour of the ocean. This paler shades will help to reflect a lot more of the natural light that is coming into your home. This will automatically make the rooms look beautiful and brighter.


A lot of people decide upon more natural, organic fixtures and accessories when decorating a beach house. This is because and austere or modernistic feel can often be clash with the laid back vibe of a beach home. For a more natural look, you can choose to decorate your walls with landscape canvas prints. This will blend in well with the soft hues of the wall. 

Another great idea is to use things that you have found on the beach as decorations. You can keep them in small glass bowls or mount them on the walls. These will complement the landscape canvas prints you have decided on. As you are going for a more relaxed feel, it is alright for the rooms to feel slightly cluttered. You can use as many ornaments or furnishings as you like.


There is nothing quite like white furniture in a beach house. In addition to give that light, airy feel they also work well with the surroundings. For couches, you can have slipcovers that are patterned with white and blue for a truly ‘oceanic’ feel. White wicker furniture is also quite popular, particularly in the kitchen. If you feel as though white is too stark a colour, you can always opt for a more neutral beige or light brown.

While you are sticking to these few guidelines, you should use your imagination to create a unique look for your beach house. You can really let your creativity soar.


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