With increasing crime rates and other dangers in the society, parents have raised the bar of concerns regarding the safety. Therefore, the public is being careful about displaying signs, stickers that are used for various purposes. For instance these include use decals to promote companies brands, affixed for representing the company and so on. Even though this is a quite controversial topic, there are certain pointers that should be acknowledged. If you’re a parent, you would have noticed many vehicles with family stickers pasted. It’s a way to represent the family tree, which majorities think that it’s appealing.

What majorities are missing out and unintentionally misleading are people (bad or criminals) in the society. It’s such that, these individuals could follow small cues, which parents or others don’t concern themselves with. Today, the crime rates involving child kidnaps, assault, etc. are increasing. Therefore, as concerned individuals, you should raise awareness about it among those around you. Here are some of the concerns that revolve around the application of these accessories:

• Honorary status

There are many owners who create customized car stickers with the name of the child that holds honorary statues. For instance this could include quotes such as ‘my child (including the name) is an honour student. The danger of it is that, the name of the school, college, etc. being printed in the corner or border of the adhesives.

• Passes – for parking

On the other hand, are you working in an organization or company that has issues parking passes? For automobile robbers, this could be very informative, as it gives information about your workplace. For that matter even membership passes of certain clubs are issued as these applications. Even though it might seem small, it could draw attention of those, who could pose a threat to you.

• Family pictures

This is a point that has been emphasized in many articles, blogs, news channels, etc. however, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to stop using stickers for cars because of the above. There are many other decals with various quotes that you could use. However, you could avoid using decals with names of the family members, single parent labels and so on.

Some of you might still disagree that, this is not an issue to concern yourself with. Or, on the other hand, you might think a simple sticker could hardly pose a threat. Yet, it’s always best to be informed about such situations that can be avoided. All in all, giving out information about your personal life subtly, could when not always, be dangerous.

Were You Aware Of The Dangers Of Car Stickers? – Potential Concerning Facts

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