Driving is a dangerous sport these days, what with vehicles that can hit 100 km per hour in a few seconds of acceleration, and roads that are snooker- ball smooth to take you that way. Unfortunately, driving fast or irresponsibly can lead to horrific accidents that result in destruction of property, injury and even death. Assuming that you were in a small accident and you got out of it ok, what are you supposed to do now? Here’s what:

Call Your Insurance Broker

No matter how angry you are or how much in the wrong you think the other person is, do not engage them in a fight or even in a conversation before you call your insurance broker. Remember, that anything you say or do can be used against you by their side if this takes you to court, although most parties are happy to settle any costs and damages out of court. Call your broker and ask him/ her to come there as fast as they can. In the meantime, take some pictures of your vehicle and the other one on your phone just in case any changes are made before the insurance broker gets there.

Have an Estimate Drawn Up for Costs

Whether you’re the offender or the defender here, it’s a good idea to have an estimate drawn up by the insurance agency for damages incurred and costs charged. If the scene of the accident is murky, they will use 3D modelling services to determine how much damage is done to the vehicle and who needs to pay.

The police too use 3D modelling services sometimes to recreate the scene of the accident to determine who the perpetrator is. Once you or the other party receive the estimate, negotiate with each other to see if you can bring it to a reasonable amount. You can view more by checking out http://architectural3drendering.com.au/

Call the Cops

Although this is the first thing you should do, in case of an accident, surrounding passersby usually call the police anyway. So your first call should be to the insurance guy. However, if the police still has not made an appearance once you have informed the insurance agency, it is generally a good idea to let them know. Quite apart from whether or not anyone was at fault, it is the duty of the police to ensure that no law was broken and also decide whether or not there should be legal action taken. The process also becomes easier if there is a formal complaint made to the police for this purpose.

What To Do When You Get Into An Automobile Accident

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